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The outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19) has a devastating impact on people, households, communities, businesses, institutions, and the countries. We cannot thank enough all the key and frontline workers who served us during the pandemic. We owe heartfelt thanks to doctors, nurses, paramedics, army, police, teachers, and volunteers for their wholehearted support and kind services to mankind. Applause for key workers is not enough. We need to demonstrate it through our attitudes and behaviours. The best way of thanking them is to show love, care, and respect for them. I have launched a global campaign named Love, Care and Respect for Neighbours to express gratitude to those who served us during the Covid-19 and console with those who lost their loved ones regardless of their race, colour, ethnic or national origins, and sexual orientation. I have named it ‘Thankful Campaign’. This thank is not limited to applause only but should be reflected through our attitudes and behaviours. This is the core message of this campaign. We can truly extend our ‘thanks’ by adopting the behaviour of a good neighbour.

My definition of a neighbour is ‘a person who lives with us or nearby permanently and one who shares public places with us, a colleague at work, a classmate, a playmate, a housemate, a team member, and a person travelling on the same bus, train, vehicle, plane, ship etc. The people who live with us or around us are our permanent and the rest are our temporary neighbours. A person among our permanent and temporary neighbours could be one of those or related to one of those who served us or humans like us tirelessly during the coronavirus. He/she could be someone whose loved ones lost life in saving ours and others’ lives. He/she could be someone who lost a family member or friend to Covid-19. Another purpose of this campaign is to defeat all types of discrimination, prejudice, harassment, assault and verbal, physical and racial abuse by showing love, care, and respect to the known and unknown people around us.

Please visit the website to get more information about this campaign.

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