I am the founder and director of AESRA, a consultancy firm. I offer consultancy, policy advisory, programme evaluation and research services for designing and implementing evidence-based social policies for education and schooling. I have introduced AESRA (Attract, Enroll, Support, Retain, Achieve) model to examine the possibilities of minimising the number of out of school children and maximising the retention rate. Through this model I attempt to find out:

  • What is happening in the process (policy, administration, delivery) of AESRA?
  • What are the roles of different agencies/ departments engaged in AESRA and what can be done to strengthen them?
  • What are the views of key stakeholders of AESRA?
  • What policy measures are suitable to achieve the goals of AESRA in a particular geographical area?

I also provide consultancy in entrepreneurship and small business management, pitching and negotiation skills, and personal and professional development.

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